Don’t buy the foremost popular sunglass brand within the United States!?! WOW, that’s a provocative statement, but this isn’t a post a few single brand. It’s more about what brands represent within the eyes of the buyer and the way that differs from the facts.

CLASSIC AMERICAN STYLE. Ray Ban is quintessential Americana. a corporation born out of the second World War I in ny City with the assistance of advisors from the U.S. Army Air Corps . The aviator sunglass may be a great look and therefore the designs developed within the 1950’s still work today, but are you continue to supporting American-Made product once you purchase a Ray Ban Sunglass? Actually, you’re doing just the other during a way. Some would call the Italian based company’s acquisition in 1999 a vulture move by a savvy company; others describe the acquisition as predatory in nature. Opinions largely depend upon your impression of the benefactor: Luxottica. Ray Ban was pulled from shelves, skillfully marketed, branded and replace out at a way higher price extra point the acquisition . There are flaws within the message that’s being told here but you’ll want to ascertain this recent video to tell your opinion of

THE ULTIMATE UV PROTECTION. Every non-powered sunglass you buy need to have 2 features you would like spelled out by the optician or in writing on the lens if not purchased at an optical: 1) 100% UVA & UVB protection or Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses UV400 (yes, 90-99% isn’t ok because once you open the pupil behind a dark lens you expose the tissue inside the attention to greater amounts of UV if 100% isn’t blocked by the front and back surface). And 2) A Backside Anti-Reflective with UV – backside = the side facing your eye – you would like UltraViolet protection from the rear side of the lens also because UV will bounce right into your eye from the reflections on the back without it. this will also make it easier for wear because you won’t be distracted by the reflection of your own eye and your surroundings. Some Ray Ban’s have this feature but the bulk don’t , and unfortunately only a few local opticians are trained on the advantages of this feature. So good luck finding a pair with 25 times more UV protection if your only goal is to wear “Ray Ban”.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION AND UNIQUE STYLE THAT CAN’T BE BEAT. Well, this wont to be true but not such a lot anymore. the design is so popular that it’s been copied by several other brands like Polaroid, Penguin, country and more. The Luxottica construction of frames are often top notch but any styles that don’t live up to the standard standards of the past still get the stamp of the brand and if it sells, despite it’s obvious flaws, the merchandise line lives on. So when buying frames don’t just read the brand .

BUT IF you actually WANT THAT “RAY BAN” LOGO, here’s a tip which will make your purchase non-powered sunglasses far superior. Unless you’re knowledgeable golfer or a pilot you’ll enjoy the glare reduction of Polarization. Polarized lenses help in multiple ways, not the smallest amount of which is driving safety. For all those that are still fans of “RAY BAN” product, if you want to by “Ray Ban” in non-powered sunglasses to wear over contact lenses or don’t require power to ascertain far and traditionally buy non-powered sunglasses, search for “RAY BAN P”. The P at the top stands for Polarized, and you would like polarized for the added glare reduction and safety driving in bright, wet, or snowy conditions.

So now you recognize when checking out sunglasses request these qualities in your prescription sunglasses and work with the salesperson at your preferred location for non-powered sunglasses to urge POLARIZED impact resistant lenses that provide 100% UVA AND UVB PROTECTION PLUS BACKSIDE ANTI-UV during a QUALITY made frame that’s flattering to your STYLE.

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