The most iconic characters in Ray ban sunglasses outlet are loved – and remembered – for being cool. It’s style, sophistication and a touch of mystery behind darkened lenses that give these bespectacled heroes and heroines an unmistakable attractive allure.

I often wonder what’s “cool” about wearing sunglasses? I’m unsure I can put my finger thereon but there’s an unmistakable allure and classy attractiveness to them that, when worn, ooze a way of fashionable elitism.

Some may scoff at those that prefer to wear a pair of sunglasses on a cloudy day or in the dark , but can they really say they don’t add a touch of edgy glamour to a person’s appearance?

The Guardian did an entire feature on the “coolness” of ray ban aviators sunglasses while Vanessa Brown, a senior lecturer of art and style at Nottingham Trent University, conducted research into exactly why they need this effect.

In film, we’ve seen how sunglasses can increase a person’s unique characteristics, giving them an aesthetic that’s wholly their own. consider Tyler Durden and his oversized red-tinted specs in Fight Club, the arm-less mirrors resting on the nose of Morpheus within the Matrix, or the extension to Cyclops’s superpower in X-Men.

In this top 10, we inspect a variety of our favourite characters whose iconic status is helped by the very fact they’ve a penchant for wearing sunglasses…

Jean Reno as Leon Montana

Widely recognised because the Lennon sunglasses because of The Beatles frontman’s use of the circular tinted lenses in many of his public appearances, they feature heavily within the taut thriller Leon. they’re the hit-man’s choice of eyewear and became as synonymous with the character as his Beretta.

All the “Reservoir Dogs”

Reservoir Dogs
The Reservoir Dogs not only make eyewear cool, they create being a gangster cool. they create slicing ears, being shot-up, bleeding out, guns, swearing, Madonna and, of course, walking nonchalantly down a city street in suits with black ties and white shirts, cool! It’s a Tarantino thing.

Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi as Jake & Elwood Blues
The Blues Brothers

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

With gothic rose tint and silver metal frames, the sunglasses worn by Tyler Durden in Fight Club are representative of the character’s quirky self-awareness.

Al Pacino as Tony Montana
Considered a touch unsightly once they first surfaced on the face of Tony Montana, the very fact Al Pacino made them work probably got tons of men thinking they might mimic that sense of self-worth (perhaps without chopping people’s arms off or running a drug empire). The Carrera 5622 sunglasses owe much of their popularity to Scarface.

Roddy Piper as John Nada
Who knew sunglasses might be this special. In John Carpenter’s They Live, Roddy Piper’s unwitting hero finds a pair of sunglasses that enable him to ascertain the planet for what it really is – crammed with subliminal messages forcing humans to evolve to an alien race which has infiltrated civilisation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger because the Terminator

The tinted sunglasses adorning the Terminator’s face within the terrifying 1984 film mask his inhuman side. When he goes to a police headquarters to cause chaos in search of Sarah Connor, his eyewear is somewhat incongruous to his rough and prepared leather jacket, perhaps a touch hint to his mechanical biology Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale 19.99.