This answer is predicated on a general understanding of what it costs to manufacture glasses, the overall quality level of Ray Bans, the wholesale price offered to retailers, and therefore the vast economy of scale that Luxottica (Ray Ban’s owner and manufacturer) has with Ray Ban.

It is possible to select up wholesale eyewear made in China for around USD $2 a pair, excluding lenses. this is often the considerably cheaper end of the market, and it might be even but this with the size of Ray Ban. However, Luxottica a) make most of their eyewear in Italy (though for optical frames, a good amount is beginning to be made in China) and b) Ray Bans are better quality than $2 Chinese frames.

It should even be noted that Luxottica’s Ray Ban Sunglasses coupon Chinese factories are held to a better standard than those making no-brand, low cost frames, and use an equivalent manufacturing techniques and raw materials as their Italian factories – albeit with less expensive labour costs. they’re also their own factories – they are not making $5 retail gas-station sunglasses within the same building.

So, what does a Ray Ban frame cost a retailer, to shop for it from Luxottica? Well, if we’re talking optical frames, (and the question stated ‘glasses’, so I’m getting to assume we are), then you are looking at (in the UK) £40-£50 (USD $60-$70) on the average . Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Out of this, Luxottica must take shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, marketing, customer service, staff costs, and the other overheads they could have.